8 Best Online LSAT Prep Courses – 2023

Getting into law school can be a difficult endeavor. Most schools ask that you score a minimum of 150 on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), but many of the top schools such as Harvard will only accept applicants with a 170 or higher. 

Achieving this is far from easy— but there’s a great way to increase your score.

An online LSAT prep course is an excellent tool for increasing your performance on the exam. Each one boasts a unique set of features that are designed to enhance your studying and reinforce your knowledge. Thanks to that, it’s easier than ever to prepare for the LSAT and get a high score. Here are the best LSAT review courses to help you CRUSH on test day and become a lawyer:

1. BluePrint LSAT Review Course

Best Online LSAT Prep Courses - Blueprint LSAT Review Course


Blueprint ensures that their prep course will help you succeed by only hiring 99th percentile scorers on the LSAT. Their personal experiences are invaluable to students looking for LSAT scores high enough to get admitted to the top law schools— so you should definitely consider this prep course if that’s what you’re interested in doing as well!

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent Course Results: Blueprint Prep’s courses have excellent results, and they can prove it. The test results of students who’ve completed their course typically increase by at least 11 points— and 25% of their students saw a score increase of over 15 points!
  • Flexible Payments: Blueprint understands that it can be tough to pay for study materials as a full-time student. That’s why they give you the option to purchase the course in monthly installments; you can choose to pay over the course of 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • Tutoring: The Online Anytime course comes with a free 2 hours of tutoring from your teacher. This should help you with any areas you struggle with and allow you to create a good study session. Alternatively, you can pay a small fee for more tutoring hours if you need more help.
  • Limited Mobile Support: You can access the Blueprint site on your mobile device, but it doesn’t have full support. Some formatting doesn’t work on mobile and there’s no dedicated app for the materials. Blueprint could seriously improve their course if they fixed this issue!

Course Details

Blueprint offers a dynamic and guided study experience you can benefit from when preparing for the LSAT exam. That’s why the course adapts to your skill level as you go; every lesson segment is followed up by a quick assessment that will test your current understanding. Afterward, your study schedule is adjusted based on your results. Homework works the same way and is adjusted to your skill level as well, providing a consistent but fair challenge for the duration of your study time.

Blueprint’s LSAT course is subscription-based and can be purchased for 3, 6, or 12 months. The 3 month plan costs $799 but doesn’t include the score increase guarantee. By contrast, the 6 and 12 month plans are $1,199 and $1,599 respectively and come with everything in the course. We recommend getting one of the options with the score increase guarantee— if it’s too expensive, you can always choose to pay monthly instead of a lump sum.

Blueprint Course Features

  • Interactive Video Lessons
  • Adaptive Homework
  • 99th Percentile Instructors
  • Unlimited Online Review Sessions
  • Unlimited Proctored Exams

Bottom Line: Blueprint’s LSAT prep course has been proven to be effective at raising your score. Choose this course if you want to be 100% confident in the results you’re going to receive!



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2. LSATMax Review Course

Best Online LSAT Prep Courses - LSAT Max Review Course


LSATMax offers a comprehensive set of materials designed to help you increase your LSAT score. They do so via a wealth of well-designed study materials designed for all learning styles.

Pros & Cons

  • Mobile Friendly: LSATMax offers a great deal of their content for free through a mobile app. Thanks to that, you’re able to watch video lessons or complete difficult problems no matter where you are. You can even take digital LSAT practice exams through the app!
  • Affordable: In order to keep their prices flexible, LSATMax allows you to pay flexible pricing based on the materials you choose. You can choose from a range of prices between $595 and $1495, with some financing options available as well.
  • Targeted Feedback: Each course tracks your progress as you work through them, which you can access via regular progress reports. Using these lets you tailor your study experience around the areas where you need the most help.
  • Score Increase Guarantee: You can receive a full refund for this course if you’re unable to increase your LSAT score after completion. This takes a lot of the financial pressure off of this situation. Basically, you only have to pay if it works!

Course Details

LSATMax’s key study strategy is to always attack your weaknesses. An initial pass-through of materials will show what areas you need to focus on the most. From there, you’ll complete 5 daily drills that will ensure you remember key LSAT test concepts. You’ll also regularly practice logic games, which are an important portion of the exam. This ensures you have a strong foundation of knowledge for every aspect of the LSAT.

LSATMax offers 3 course options: LSATMax 60, LSATMax 180, and LSATMax 365. Each of these is named after the number of days you have access to the course, and they all contain the same study materials. They cost $595, $995, and $1495 respectively. I recommend the LSATMax 180 course, but you may want the LSATMax 365 if you think it will take longer than 6 months to prepare.

LSATMax Course Features:

  • 90 Prep Tests
  • 400+ Hours of Video
  • Daily Office Hours
  • Digital LSAT Simulator
  • Detailed Analytics
  • 4 Textbooks

Bottom Line: LSATMax is currently one of the best LSAT prep courses on offer. This is largely due to their affordability, wide range of study materials, and ease of use. You can’t go wrong!



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3. The Princeton Review LSAT Prep Course

Best Online LSAT Prep Courses - Princeton Review Course


The Princeton Review is a much more traditional prep course. They use official LSAT materials as part of their curriculum, resulting in an experience that’s close to actually taking the LSAT itself. Using this LSAT prep course will help you familiarize yourself with the testing experience long beforehand. In total, you can expect to spend around 150 hours doing online drills and testing before the exam.

The Princeton Review has 3 course options: Self Paced, Fundamentals, and LSAT 165+. Self Paced is entirely self-study and costs $799. By contrast, Fundamentals includes an instructor and additional resources for the price of $1049. Lastly, the LSAT 165+ course costs $1699 and guarantees you a high score on the LSAT exam— we recommend this one if you’re trying to get into a top law school specifically. Both the Fundamentals and LSAT 165+ courses can be taken online or in person.

The Princeton Review Course Features

  • 8000+ Practice Questions
  • 70+ LSAT PrepTests
  • Official Score Reports
  • 150+ Hours of Video
  • 30 Hours of Instructor Led Lessons

Bottom Line: The Princeton Review is a good choice for anyone who prefers a more traditional approach to studying for law school. However, it may not appeal to people who like to study on their phone or prefer to watch live content on their computer; LSATMax is a better fit for those students instead.



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4. Kaplan LSAT Prep Course

Best Online LSAT Prep Courses - Kaplan Review Course


Unlike the other courses on this list, Kaplan focuses heavily on live content. Most of their offerings come from their live online and tutoring courses. Students gain access to 32 hours of core classroom instruction which is enhanced by an additional 180 hours of live online video lessons.

Kaplan offers 4 different courses. First, their On Demand course is $700 and only contains self study materials. Next is the Live Online course, which costs $1,200. After that is Live Online + Tutoring, which comes out to $2,300. Lastly is the Bootcamp course, which costs $3,900 and is 4 weeks of intensive, uninterrupted prep time.

The most appealing and exclusive feature of this LSAT prep course is the Bootcamp course, which is the only one we can recommend. Other than that, most of what Kaplan has to offer can be found in far more affordable courses like AlphaScore and LSATMax.

Kaplan Course Features

  • 180+ Hours of Video Lessons
  • 32 Hours of Classroom Instruction
  • 60 Full Length Practice Tests
  • 300+ Quizzes
  • Prep Books

Bottom Line: Kaplan is the only company on this list that specializes in live content. That makes their offerings truly unique compared to other courses. I’d recommend this course if you like a more guided study experience, but you should stick to AlphaScore if you’re not interested in that.



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5. Magoosh LSAT Review

Best Online LSAT Prep Courses - Magoosh LSAT Review Course


Much like The Princeton Review, the Magoosh LSAT prep course that focuses heavily on content pulled from previous exams. It comes with 10 practice exams and 7,000 official LSAT questions— with full video explanations for each answer. They’ve also got over 200 logic game explanations. That way you can gain an understanding of all the major components of the LSAT test. Magoosh does also offer video strategy lessons, but they clearly aren’t the focus of the course. You’re better off with Blueprint or AlphaScore if that’s what you’re specifically looking for.

Magoosh’s LSAT course is based on a monthly subscription. Currently, it costs $279 a month. You also have the option of paying $2,148 for a year’s worth of access. If that’s too steep, you’re probably fine just getting a few months to work through everything.

Magoosh LSAT Prep Features

  • 7000+ Official LSAT Questions
  • Customizable Study Schedule
  • Explanation Videos
  • Full Length Practice Exams
  • 24/7 Email Support

Bottom Line: Magoosh can be a good choice if you just want a simple, no-nonsense course. They have no gimmicks to distract you from your studying.


6. LSAT Lab Prep Course

Best Online LSAT Prep Courses - LSAT Lab Review Course


LSAT Lab is able to appeal to multiple student types by offering both live classroom and self study courses.

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple Formats: Easily the main draw for this course is the multiple format types on offer. Anyone interested in a self paced course can choose the self study program, while people who prefer more traditional teaching styles can enroll in the online classroom. Plus, LSAT Lab offers tutoring to serve as a good middle ground.
  • Personalized Study Plan: You’ll be asked a series of questions at the start of your course. This simple assessment will let you establish what your goals, timelines, and previous experience are. From there, you’ll be able to work together with LSAT Lab to create an effective study plan for the LSAT.
  • Paywall: Most of the best course features are locked behind higher payment tiers. In fact, you wont get a score increase guarantee until you subscribe to the classroom or tutoring options. Luckily, the course itself is not particularly expensive.

Course Details

LSAT Lab prepares students through multiple study formats. Their most famous and effective course is the live online classroom. Each class gets a personal experience backed up by the professional knowledge of the instructor. Students also have a chance to ask questions and for additional information on LSAT topics. Alternatively, anyone interested in self study can use practice exams and on demand lectures to increase their chances on the LSAT.

Prices depend on which course format you’re interested in. In addition to a free course, you can pay monthly for a premium, classroom, or tutor plan. They cost $49, $99, and $299 respectively and grant you access to all essential course features.

LSAT Lab Features

  • 7,500+ Practice Questions
  • Video Library
  • 83 Practice LSATs
  • Score Analytics
  • Study Plan
  • Class Recordings

Bottom Line: LSAT Lab is a good choice for any type of student. They’re able to effectively offer materials catered to multiple learning styles.



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7. Wize LSAT Prep

Best Online LSAT Prep Courses - Wize LSAT Review Course


Wize has all of the benefits you can get from a typical online course, but you can also regularly talk with your instructors during office hours.

Wize LSAT Pros & Cons

  • Instructor: Wize’s main appeal for law school students is their instructor, John. He’s a licensed attorney and NYU law school graduate who scored in the top percentiles for the LSAT and several other exams. His unique perspective and expertise is the secret to this course’s success in helping students get accepted to their first choice law schools.
  • Financing: This LSAT review course is affordably priced, but it may still be out of your budget as an undergrad. To make this easier to manage, Wize offers financing for their enrollment fees that allow you to pay as little as $50 a month.
  • Less Content: Students who enroll in this course can expect to finish their studies in a shorter time frame than Blueprint or LSATMax. This could be appealing if you don’t have a lot of time before your LSAT exam date, but it also means you don’t get as much study material when you enroll in this course.

Course Details

Wize is a terrific study option if you’re looking for a great academic tutor with experience in professional law. Since John scored so high on his LSAT and got accepted to NYU, he offers a qualified perspective that can help you achieve similarly impressive results. In addition to presenting all of Wize’s lectures, you can also get in touch with John through regular office hours.

Aside from live instruction, you can practice answering realistic LSAT questions with over 70 practice exams— whether you’re at your PC or on a mobile device. However, you don’t get the same volume of study material that you could from one of our top picks, so I would only recommend this if you’re pressed for time or just need a refresher before your next LSAT attempt.

Wize LSAT Features

  • 20+ Video Lectures Taught by a Top LSAT Scorer
  • 70+ Practice Exams with Real LSAT Questions
  • 6 Month Access Period
  • Financing Options & Money-Back Guarantee
  • Weekly Office Hours with Instructor John

Bottom Line: When compared to the cost of an LSAT tutor, Wize offers an appealing and affordable alternative. But when compared to the top LSAT review courses, it’s a little harder to pull the trigger on this one.

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