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Bar Exam Costs, Fees, and Loans for 2024

The cost of taking the bar exam can be a major financial obstacle for many law school graduates. The price of the exam itself, as well as the cost of studying for it, can add up quickly. Many states require that examinees take a multiple-choice test known as the MBE (Multistate Bar Examination) in addition […]

How to Become a Judge

For every legal professional, judges are pillars within the legal system, holding influential and often high-paying positions. Notably, the average salaries for judges across different levels have seen a consistent rise over the past four decades. Due to the immense responsibility shouldered by judges, which ranges from understanding intricate details of the legal process to […]

Successful Strategies to Pass the Bar the Second Time Around

Well, you did it. You put in hundreds of hours of studying for the most important test of your life, you submitted your application to become a licensed attorney in the state, and you lined up your first job as an associate.  You wait anxiously for your state bar to announce you passed. As you […]

Multistate Performance Test: What It Is and How to Crush It

The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is the part of the bar exam that most closely mimics the practice of law. But it’s only worth 20% of your bar score, so many people neglect it in favor of more heavily-weighted sections. This is a huge mistake! Doing well on the MPT can actually be the saving […]

Best Bar Tutors

Everyone knows that the bar exam can be an incredibly challenging hurdle on the way to obtaining your license to practice law. How can you ensure that you are prepared for the exam and receive the guidance you need?It’s simple- hire a tutor!If you’re fresh out of law school and already knowledgeable in bar exam […]

How to Study for the Bar Exam on a Budget

With an average annual tuition rate and fees of $49,095 at a private law school or $21,500 in in-state tuition and fees at a public law school, the last thing that most law school students want to do is bury more money into a bar exam course. However, the bar exam represents the last hurdle […]

Themis Bar Review

RATING: Themis Bar Review combines affordability with the flexibility of an online study program. An online study portal can be accessed from anywhere, and a mobile app allows users to download content in advance for times they find themselves without internet access. Themis prides itself on its high pass rates, suggesting that this course gets […]

Themis vs. BARBRI – Best Bar Prep Course in 2024?

Okay. You’ve selected the state in which you want to take the bar exam, turned in your application, and signed up to take the next bar exam in a few months. What’s the next step? I recommend finding a good bar review course. This will ensure you’re 100% prepared to handle all of your bar […]

Do’s and Don’ts to Pass the Bar Exam

Well, you’ve finally made it. After countless hours of studying, it is finally test day. You can see the finish line from here. But this test stands in the way of your future, so you’re appropriately intimidated. Don’t be afraid of the bar exam; thousands of students came before you and confronted this overwhelming obstacle, […]

14 Critical Non-Studying Tips for Passing the Bar Exam

Just like Yogi Berra commented that “baseball is 90 percent mental,” so is much of the bar examination. We offer plenty of tips to help you pass the bar exam based on proven study techniques. However, it’s equally important to take steps to prepare yourself mentally and physically for this exhausting test. Here are some […]